3 Weeks Down, 3 To Go

Yesterday marked he halfway point of the program. It almost feels bitter-sweet. On one hand, only three weeks until I get to see my friends and family again. On the other hand, I only get three more weeks to enjoy this beautiful country. However, I am just trying to focus on the here and now and learn everything I can. I don’t have time to go through and retell every moment of the first three weeks here, but just as a recap, here are the top six “stories” from my trip so far:

1.) Jaanipäev


This was actually a super fun event to celebrate the longest day of the year. Most of us went to Narva Castle to listen to some very interesting Russian pop/rock music, eat traditional “fair food”, and enjoy the company of the locals. Mid-way through the festivities, we all gathered around the large bundle of wood pictured above to watch the traditional dancers and listen to a passage read in Russian describing the importance of this day. If you ever decide to take a trip to Estonia during the summer, I would definitely recommend scheduling it during the Mid-Summer Festival.

2.) Baking Cookies


This may seem insignificant to mention in my top 10, but I assure you it is harder than it looks. My roommate and I REALLY wanted chocolate chip cookies. So what did we do? We went to the store to find packaged cookies or pre-made cookie dough. However, much to our chagrin, there was no such thing in any grocery store we checked. In hindsight, we should have predicted this because Estonia LOVES its healthier food options, but we really weren’t thinking that hard. Anyways, we ended up having a great adventure wandering around Prisma trying to find the ingredients when everything is written in either Estonian or Russian. In the end, we found suitable Russian substitutes, and the cookies tasted a little off from their American counterparts, but they did their duty reminding us of home.

3.) Narva Castle


This is one of my favorite excursions we have taken since I have been here. While I was in D.C. it was kind of a running joke that the castle would always be our meeting place and, although it is pretty far from our homes, it isn’t a bad idea. The interior has been renovated into a museum but still retains many of its same attributes from when it was first built during the 14th century. Surprisingly, it was mostly rebuilt after it was destroyed during World War Two. The view of Ivangorod across the river is amazing, it almost feels like you are in Russia.

4.) 5th of July American Independence CelebrationFB_IMG_1530871432414.jpg

If you squint really hard, you can find me wayyyyyyy in the back next to the Estonian flag. To be honest, when they told me we were going to have a “5th of July celebration”, I really didn’t think much of it. We met Ambassador James D. Melville Jr. and got to have a private Q&A session with him. Afterwards, I was completely blown away when I saw hundreds of locals come to the college and jam with the U.S. Air force combo band to celebrate the American exchange students. It was an absolute blast. They made “authentic” American hamburgers and hotdogs and served cold coke cola out of glass bottles. Not to mention, they lit off a beautiful firework show, while setting off a few car alarms in the process. Shout out to Denis and Narva College for all the memories and friends that I made.

5.) Tartu

Tartu was one of the most fun experiences I have had while in Estonia. We went to a monestary (pictured on the left) and toured the city (pictured on right). We also shopped at the flea market and visited a very popular cake shop/cafe that was built in the early 1900’s. Overall, it was a super fun time, and the only time this trip when I wasn’t absolutely stuffed with food.

6.) Kreenholm

We actually went here today so I don’t know if it counts as the first three weeks, but it is my blog and I do what I want with it. It was so cool to tour this place. It is a Soviet textile factory which is still in very good shape. The buildings are still fairly preserved from what it used to be like, and they are looking to turn some parts of it into a museum. My favorite part was when we were less than 40 meters from Russian with only a small river and a few barbed wire fences in our path.


Wyoming? Is that you??

***This was supposed to be posted on June 19th but I totally forgot***, as a little bit of an update, I finally arrived in Narva, Estonia on monday. I have been here for three days now, and it has been interesting. For one, Estonia looks exactly like Wyoming (pictures below). Second, it is extremely difficult to communicate with my host family in Russian. My бабушка host mother speaks very quickly with formal russian. She always wants me to eat more, and won’t accept no for an answer. I can say, however, that I have already learned so much! My classes are completely in Russian, which complicates things when we don’t understand a term and they have to try to explain it. This city is absolutely beautiful (which you’ll see in the pictures below). I will also add another post later regarding the very interesting Russian cuisine.


NSLI-Y Estonian Summer 2018

Well, I meant to post some sort of update before now, but that obviously didn’t happen. Anyways, tomorrow I leave to go to Washington D.C. to meet up with the rest of the participants. I will say, it has been quite the process applying, and now, preparing for this trip. I am extremely excited and hopefully I’ll be able to give some updates about my Estonian adventure for the next 6 weeks! Until then!


We took our last field trip to the conservatory. I loved seeing all the succulents and I even got to keep a few for my own home. It was a bittersweet moment but I am grateful for this wonderful opportunity to attend HSI and gain the memories that I have.

These flowers kinda look like broad heads.
I like the symmetry of this succulent. Also, it is a succulent ❤
I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw these orange succulents!
I like the pattern on this plant.
This is another succulent that I found.
This plant had a cool spiral leaf in the middle.
I like this picture because the plant stole my hair! It is so curly!
I like the patterns in these little plants.
This is Hibiscus. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dai7IhDQJEY
I love these little Venus fly traps!

End of HSI Post

Now that HSI is coming to a close, I realized I have learned a lot while I’ve been here. Some of the most important things I have learned from this class are; how to take decent photos, what it means to be media literate, how to keep an interesting blog, how to use different tools to make your photography better, and much, much more. My physical world class taught me a lot about the brain, how the human nervous system works, and the structures of the eyes, ears, and brain. My favorite memory from HSI is when we were doing Zumba with Keegan. We were dancing to a Bollywood song and one part of it required us to kick then squat. Ivan got a little too excited and a little too low and he split his pants! The funniest part is that none of us realized what had happened because he just kept going. It wasn’t until after we were done that Ivan told us what had happened. I will always remember this because Ivan was so chill about it even though he had a huge hole in his pants.

I think I have changed a bit as a person since I have been here. I think I learned how to get out of my comfort zone a little and be more sociable with others. I am much nicer now, more outgoing, and I have a new appreciation for life in general. Now I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t all fun and games the whole time, there were a lot of ups and downs. However, overall I had a great experience. I am more prepared for college because I know how the dorm life works and how to make new friends when I don’t know anyone. If I were to go back and re-live HSI, I would sign up for more activities, sign up for the talent show, and try to get out of my comfort zone more often. When I get back home, I am going to tell my family and friends how much of a great time I had, how many new friends I met, and how much I learned in just three short weeks. My advice to future HSI scholars would be: Don’t be afraid to find the new you. No one here knows you and you can be whoever you choose to be. Don’t worry about trying to impress others. Do things that are outside of your box because, who knows, you might just love it! Try to make every second one to remember because you will never get another opportunity like this.

Book Banning

We read the children’s book And Tango Makes Three today in class. Basically, it is about two gay penguins that raise a baby penguin together. Right now, it is on the banned book list for exposing children to homosexuality. Some disagree with this decision because LGBT couples are becoming more and more popular and children will be exposed to it at some point anyways. I personally believe that it should not be a book for children to read as children can’t really understand things like that at an early age. The First Amendment guarantees the right to speak freely meaning that if the American Library Association wants to put out a ban on a book, they can. Their freedom of speech is just as protected as yours or mine. There are still ways to get banned books if they aren’t offered at your public library and you don’t have to agree whether the book should be banned or not. Harry Potter was a banned book for a very long time and now it has grown into one of the most famous book/movie series of all time. It is our choice to read what books we want to just as it is ALA’s choice to ban the book. Ultimately, the parent can choose what their young children can read so if And Tango Makes Three is banned at their school, if the parent really wants their child to read it, they can find other ways of acquiring that or any of the banned books.

Body Image

In my opinion, everyone’s body is unique for a reason. It is unrealistic for average people to desire to look like models, actors, and singers. The majority of the pictures and magazines you see are photo shopped anyways. The standard of beauty we see in this society is that you have to be skinny, gorgeous, and have lots of make-up to be considered pretty. The truth is, you don’t have to conform to these standards to be beautiful. Imagine a society where everyone looked like the models do on magazines. It would be so boring that no one would want to look that way anymore. We are all unique with unique features and I don’t think we should spoil that by wanting to look like someone else. You are your own beautiful and no one can control that.

Snowy Range Mountains

We took another field trip to the Snowy Range yesterday and I can agree that it was named appropriately. Even now, near the end of June, there is still several feet of snow in some places. I had a lot of fun despite how cold it was and I think I got a few really good pictures. I saw a fox but I couldn’t catch a picture of it in time. My favorite part was when Tarena and Ivan went into the frigid water to get the perfect picture. Afterwards, we went to get ice cream, which was delicious. All in all it was a fun trip for my first time in the “Snowies.”

This is a cute little beetle I found while waiting for Matthew to climb the mountain.
I also found these mushrooms while waiting for Matthew to get down from the mountain.
After waiting for nearly ten minutes for Matthew to climb this mountain, I did end up getting a pretty awesome picture of him.
This is the river that runs through the mountains and these two people decided that they wanted to walk on the melting snow!
I couldn’t decide if this was a nine or a six but I just took a picture of it being a six.
This is the broken handrail along one of the bridges over the river.
This is one of my favorite pictures I took. The yellow really stands out against the asphalt.
This is another of my favorite pictures. I’m not sure what kind of plant it is, but it is really cute!
This is another picture of the river while it was covered in snow.
This is a cool rock pathway heading down to the edge of the river.
This is another picture of the river and I added it just because I liked it.

Comedy Next Step Reality TV

A lot of us like to watch these sort of comedic reality TV shows. Some of you may like The Office, or my personal favorite, Malcolm in the Middle. They provide comedic relief after a stressful day through their witty humor. But what makes us like these types of shows so much? Each Next Step reality show has different properties that make them unique and favored. However, they are all founded on some of the same basic principals. They are all made so that the average person can relate to it. They each depict average people living average lives. This helps the viewers connect more with the content. Alternatively, the things that make them “next step” is really what draws viewers in. In Malcolm in the Middle, this average reality show is taken to the next step by showing the family’s accomplishments in love, school, and family bonds. It appeals to everyone in the family because each character gets their chance in the spotlight and accomplish things that the average person maybe wouldn’t achieve. We must be careful when watching next step TV shows so that we aren’t tricked into thinking that this is how our lives should be.

Berry Biodiversity Center and Geological Museum Photos

We took a walk to the Geological Museum and the Berry Biodiversity Center. It was interesting to see all the different animals that were native to Wyoming long, long ago. My favorite part was the bee game in the Biodiversity Center. The object was to see how hard bees had to flap their wings to keep their bodies in the air. You had to flap your arms to keep the bee in the air while collecting flowers for bonus points. I spent several minutes in front of an Xbox Kinect frantically flailing my arms around to try to win the game. Lets just say, I probably will not be hitting the gym for a few days…

Its just a picture of me in a dinosaur!
There were these really cool birds in the Berry Biodiversity Center.
This is a really pretty pine tree outside of the Biodiversity Center.
I loved the way the leaves framed the bird feeder in this picture!
This picture was taken in the Geological Museum. You can see the really big dinosaur in the background!
I found it weird that this fruit was all dried up and dead despite the fact that it is summer.
These are just a few pretty flowers outside of the Biodiversity Center.
And more flowers…
And some more…
And finally one more…